Saturday, 11 February 2017

How Social Values Can Resolve Some Life Issues

On a social front,there are various aspects of life that needs to be looked at on a big dimension.Some of these social issues facing society today are because of ignorance and luck of objectivity in viewing life and what it has to offer.Society demands that one be focused and look straight ahead as to achieve what one wants in life.In this respect,certain conditions and norms were set so as to enable an individual to be absorbed well in society and to be well prepared to face social issues which address social perceptions.Society is faced with a lot of predicaments because people failed to adjust to these norms up to a certain time everything got out of hand and people were left with nothing to cling on to but engag pie themselves in disturbing activities and intolerable behaviour.Some in constructive behaviour deem people to be life puppets to be controlled here and there,without realising time is fast catching up on them and they will realise it too late so as to achieve their desired goals and objectives in life.It's very unfortunate to see people moving up and down the sidewalks of life without goals and objectivity.It needs some serious and drastic realization that some social issues which address life values need to be looked at a different perspective and a new mindset.

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